About Us

Our Mission

Hacienda CDC is a Latino Community Development Corporation that strengthens families by providing affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and educational opportunities.

Our History

Hacienda CDC was formed in 1986 to provide necessary housing and supportive services in a low-income, predominantly Latino community. At that time, NE Portland’s Cully neighborhood was home to the largest Latino population in Oregon. From there, Hacienda has built housing communities on four vacant lots and renovated one run-down apartment complex – a former hotbed of drug activity and prostitution – in the Cully neighborhood, creating 325 units of community-centered affordable rental housing. Hacienda has also developed communities in North Portland and a farm worker development in Molalla, OR for a grand total of 381 housing units. We provide safe, stable homes for over 1500 individuals each year, and over half of those individuals are children.

Hacienda has since expanded its reach, embracing a holistic approach to development and serving Latinos throughout Portland with programs in Community Economic Development, Homeownership Support, and Youth & Family Support Services. We have grown to become Oregon’s largest Latino-led, Latino-serving housing organization and remain a trusted name in the Latino population. As Portland’s Latino population has grown rapidly, Hacienda continues building capacity to offer our bicultural services to Latinos and other low-income families throughout the Portland metropolitan area.


Maria Rojo de Steffey, along with Clara Padilla Andrews, were the founders of Hacienda CDC.

Clara Padilla Andrews first recognized the growing problem in the Cully Neighborhood– several absentee landlords in the neighborhood had been ignoring their properties.  The neighborhood was riddled with crime, families were living in sub-sub-standard apartments, and the children had nowhere to play.  Their parents feared for their welfare.  And, long-time residents of the neighborhood were concerned about the crime, violence and drug dealing.

Ms. Padilla Andrews and Maria decided to research how to build a CDC, purchase the apartments, renovate them and bring services and security to the residents.  Over some time with great perseverance, it was done!


Hacienda CDC is an Affiliate of UnidosUS.

Our Values

Healthy, vibrant and diverse communities are possible through community, public and private partnerships where all parties treat each other with respect and as equal partners. Inclusive communities like these are catalysts for lasting positive change advancing the progress of the Latino, Latina, Latinx, and low- and moderate-income communities. 

Hacienda is committed to continuing to embrace and share our Latino values and culture, while helping others to enrich their traditions, as well ours. Our organizational values are the guiding principles and foundation for all of our programs and daily professional practice:


We believe in the strength, resilience and power in our Latino, Latina and Latinx community and culture, and we build on that strength. Everyone has value and abundant potential. 


We believe in social and entrepreneurial innovation as a process to disrupt the systems of oppression and develop new ideas to be more efficient and advance the progress and self-sufficiency of all communities. 


We believe in cultivating an organizational culture that embraces inclusiveness of ethnic, culture and socioeconomic perspectives. 


We believe in being real, speaking directly and honestly at work and within our community. 


We seek and value Board members and staff who are dedicated to strengthening the Latino community and other untapped populations.