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Supporting Children and Families

Hacienda CDC serves approximately 360 youth through three major programs: Portland Niños, Expresiones, and SUN Youth Advocacy. Our programs offer a variety of important education and social support services to children from birth to 8th grade. We provide children with academic support, cultural enrichment, and health services that help them reach their full potential.

Many of our families also live in Hacienda CDC’s housing developments, which is why we are proud to provide our Resident Services program under our Youth & Family Services umbrella. Hacienda’s Resident Services program focuses on bridging the gap between property management and residents, reducing barriers to stable housing, and increasing the social capital of our communities.

Take a look here for the many community partners that make our work possible!

Hacienda CDC helps bridge the digital divide with laptop, wireless distribution and launch of remote learning program.

Hacienda’s Connect Initiative distributed 407 laptops and 407 MiFi internet hotspots to low-income families of color across Portland. Learn More

This scholarship was created the in memory of Richard R. Silver, son of immigrants and remarkable Mexican-American. Mr. Silver believed in the importance of education for Hispanic youth, being proud of who you are and belief in your ability to accomplish any goal despite your background, minority status or economic circumstances. Learn More

Hacienda CDC, Multnomah County, and local Portland schools partner together to provide case managers to Latino youth in grades 6th to 8th. Bilingual and bicultural case managers advocate for and on behalf of youth in schools. Learn More

Expresiones is an after-school program for residents of our Hacienda CDC communities that are in grades K–8th. We offer academic support, personal enrichment (arts, crafts, sports, etc.), service learning, and foster parent involvement in their child’s schooling. Learn More

Portland Niños aims to reduce academic and health disparities among Latino children by providing support for families with children from birth to age five. Parents participate in weekly parenting support groups, educational workshops and monthly home visits from Hacienda’s Early Childhood Educators, monitoring their child’s health and development. Learn More

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