Rockwood Village

Co-owned and co-developed by Community Development Partners and Hacienda CDC, Rockwood Village is a 224-unit affordable workforce housing project located in the heart of the Rockwood neighborhood at 185th Ave, between SE Stark and SE Yamhill streets.

The 224 homes within Rockwood Village will provide a wide range of high-quality housing, with both family-sized, larger units and smaller units geared toward seniors or small families without children.

The housing will be permanently affordable, benefiting hardworking families in the community for decades to come. Rockwood Village will include a centralized community center where programs and services will be offered for kids and families: a new public park, Neighbors Park, with natural areas for the entire community; and enhanced connectivity and walkability for a more livable neighborhood.

As the co-developer and co-owner of Rockwood Village, Hacienda CDC will offer vital Resources to all Gresham residents through the Rockwood Village community center to educate and engage youth, assist families with economic opportunity and entrepreneurship, and activate the park. Programs will include classes and advising for entrepreneurs, financial coaching and resources for credit building and saving, out-of-school activities for youth in grades K-8 and early childhood education.

Through an Asset Based Community Development process, community input informed the design concept including the overall design and the long-term programming. Local artists are being commissioned to create culturally significant art pieces throughout the site. The community chose Rockwood Village and Neighbors Park as the project and park names. The overall project theme was chosen to celebrate diversity and the art theme to stitch fabric patterns from different cultures.