Hacienda News

Update on the Clara Vista Fire

January 20, 2021

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As you likely heard, a fire broke out last Tuesday, January 12th in one of Hacienda’s apartment buildings, Villa de Clara Vista in Cully. Thankfully all residents of the building evacuated safely and the fire department responded quickly. Despite their efforts, the damage was immense and all eight families who lived in this building will not be able to return to their homes.

Hacienda and Cascade Management staff responded immediately, doing our best to provide comfort, support and answers. Our number one priority, after determining that everyone was safe, was to find temporary housing for each household. Within a few hours, we arranged and paid for hotel rooms for each family. Over the last five days, we’ve adjusted those temporary housing situations as needed to make sure each family has a place to stay that works for them.

We are now working to find permanent housing and anticipate that everyone will be back in a new home within two weeks.

We are truly moved by the outpouring of support for the families impacted by the fire. Over the last week community members and organizations donated toiletries, clothes, food, gift cards, cash donations and more. On Friday, in partnership with C3 Church, families were able to “shop” through those items to meet their immediate needs. We were also able to provide each family with cash assistance and gift cards for food and items that needed to be purchased right away.

We will continue to ask families what they need as they work to rebuild their households. We will refresh the list of donated items needed on our website here as we learn of them. Cash donations will be used to help cover the cost of temporary housing, relocation, furniture and cash assistance.

We deeply appreciate the generosity and caring of our local schools, churches, and neighbors, far and near, who are pitching in to help. This was a traumatic event, made even more challenging by the pandemic. Not only are you providing needed assistance, you are a living reminder of the power of community.