Hacienda News

Public Statement on NE Portland Junk Yard Fire

March 14, 2018

These past 48 hours have been tough on our community. The dangerous fire at the salvage lot on NE Killingsworth and 75th poured so much toxic smoke and chemicals into the air that it was unsafe for residents to stay in the area. Over 2,000 homes in Cully were told to evacuate at 9:45pm on Monday night, including over 200 of our units.

Hacienda staff worked tirelessly around the clock and through the night to communicate the changing conditions and safety recommendations to our residents and neighbors. We have called, texted, knocked on doors and used social media to make sure families were informed of the danger. We are so grateful to all who assisted with the evacuation, especially Portland Fire and Police, the Red Cross, Multnomah County, TriMet and countless community members.

Sadly, it is no surprise to us that a disaster like this happened in Cully. Countless environmental hazards have been allowed to continue in this community without intervention by authorities. We wish to take this opportunity to reassert our conviction that everyone deserves clean air, green space, and the environmental assets that make for a healthy community. This incident has only reinforced the importance of the work we’re doing through the Living Cully collaborative to bring environmental justice to some of our most vulnerable Portlanders.

Ernesto Fonseca

Chief Executive Officer

Hacienda CDC