2021 Latino Home Fair

Hacienda’s Latino Home Fair is a free, annual event to help families build long-term financial stability. It is a one-day event to learn the basics and connect with Hacienda staff and our event partners. This year, the Latino Home Fair happened on June 5, and it was a success with the support of our sponsors and over 200 participants. It included three workshops you can watch below.

raffle winners

Congratulations fo our raffle winners!

The five winners of a $500 rent assistance each are the Cuevas family, the Martinez family, the Paez family, the Diaz family, and the Soto family.

The five winners being reviewed for eligibility criteria for the down payment assistance raffle are the Sideroff family, the Velazquez family, the Laparra family, the Leono-Vargas family, and the Elachhab family (only one of these five families will receive the down payment assistance).

NOTE: For privacy reasons, only last names are mentioned here.



Welcoming: Ernesto Fonseca, HCDC CEO.
Keynote speaker: Lazaro “Laz” Ayala



Breakout session:
Budgeting and how to protect your assets – Presupuesto y cómo proteger sus activos



Breakout session:
Default Prevention resources – Prevención de ejecución hipotecaria



Breakout session:
Camino a Casa: Homebuying 101 – Comprar de Vivienda 101



thank you to our sponsors