Las Adelitas

Building a vibrant community

Las Adelitas will be the largest redevelopment project in the Cully Neighborhood to date and the largest public investment in the NE Cully community. Located just across the street from Hacienda’s headquarters, the four-story, multifamily affordable housing development will create 142 homes and a new outdoor plaza.

Las Adelitas is the outcome of a 5+ year community design process that transforms a former strip club site, known for illegal gambling and human trafficking, into a catalyst development. Aptly named after feminist Mexican revolutionaries, the building brings deep social, economic and environmental benefits.

Construction will start in March 2021 and be completed in October 2022.

Building Amenities:

  • A leasing office and Resident Advocate office
  • Space for events and performances
  • Community room for residents
  • Space dedicated to our Niños program
  • Ample bike storage
  • Parking garage
  • Public plaza with mural art
  • Pedestrian-friendly streetscape with a mid-block crosswalk on NE Killingsworth
  • Earth Advantage Gold certified
  • Large rooftop solar photovoltaic array
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging and EV car sharing program

Project History:

This outstanding success is the result of a wonderful community vision that started years ago. Community leaders attempted to buy the “Sugar Shack” several times with little success. In 2015, Hacienda, Verde, and Habitat came together to form Living Cully, LLC to buy the property with the support of CRAFT3, Prosper Portland and others. In 2017 Hacienda purchased the entire property to create affordable housing that is so desperately needed.

Las Adelitas will transform the former “Sugar Shack” strip club site from a public nuisance into a community asset. Las Adelitas will create and retain area jobs, provide housing and community spaces, and support economic opportunities to meet the needs of working families and people of color in the Cully neighborhood. Housing built on this site will be available to households earning 60% of Area Median Income and below. Through this effort, Hacienda will ensure that over 400 individuals, including those that are experiencing homelessness, will continue to afford to live in this community.

Project Name:

Las Adelitas’ is a name rich with meaning and significance. During the Mexican Revolution many women, who became collectively known as Las Adelitas, took up arms and supported the fight for freedom alongside the men. These women played a variety of roles within the army including camp and medical care, soldier, spy, and some even commanded troops. They traveled with the army throughout the revolution, and unlike the men, they did it all on foot since they were not allowed to ride horseback!

We are especially excited for the opportunity to honor these strong women at this particular site. Las Adelitas remind us that women have always been critical to social change and ongoing struggles for justice and liberty, in spite of the limits placed on them by society and the fact that their contributions are often overlooked by history. Prior to the community’s purchase of Living Cully Plaza, the site was home to an adult entertainment complex that harbored prostitution and human trafficking. Replacing an institution that used to exploit women with one that honors the legacy of strong, inspirational women is powerful to us and to the community.

Las Adelitas is located in Northeast Portland at the corner of Cully Boulevard and Killingsworth Street.