Camino A Casa

Path To Homeownership

Camino a Casa prepares prospective homebuyers for homeownership. Clients work closely with financial coaches and HUD-certified housing counselors throughout the entirety of the home-buying process. In addition to mortgage-readiness and financial fitness workshops, we provide constant and various opportunities for down-payment assistance.

What we do:

  1. Coaching
    Our philosophy for our one-on-one sessions involves a holistic approach to credit building, financial stability and constructing goals in the long term. We aim to guide and equip you with the knowledge necessary to make the best financial decisions for your own unique financial position.
  2. Education
    Beyond our one-on-one meetings, we provide intensive day-long seminars that provide you with the essentials of financial literacy, and the fundamentals of home-buying. You’ll learn how to build budgets, eliminate debt, and navigate through financial obstacles.
  3. Funding
    Through our constant strive to build partnerships in our community, we have a constant and plentiful array funding opportunities for our clients in order to partially or entirely cover down payments and closing costs. Funding opportunities range from as small as $3,000 through our 3:1 match plan (the Individual Development Account) to larger grants as high as $60,000. Eligibility requirements vary by program.

If you are interested in receiving our services, please consider taking our mandatory first-step orientation, which is given in English and Spanish. Please click here for a list of upcoming dates. To register for an orientation, please call the Economic Opportunity office at (503) 961-6432.