Economic Opportunity

Education, Housing Counseling, and Financial Coaching

The Economic Opportunity Department is a central piece of Hacienda’s vision for families and individuals who are looking to improve or preserve their financial outlook, literacy and assets. As a team of financial coaches and a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, we provide group education and one-on-one coaching to the community-at-large.

Our vision is powered by the prospect of a community in which families can empower themselves to build assets, become financially literate, and set themselves up for the future. Through client-focused financial coaching, intensive financial education courses, and active asset and credit building, we are making our community a place everyone can call home.

Office hours: Monday / Thursdays 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


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Equal Housing Lender


Camino a Casa prepares prospective homebuyers for homeownership. Clients work closely with financial coaches and HUD-certified housing counselors throughout the entirety of the home-buying process. In addition to mortgage-readiness and financial fitness workshops, we provide constant and various opportunities for down-payment assistance. Learn More

Hacienda’s Default Intervention Program provides support to homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Our certified housing counselors work with those struggling financially to identify and explore all available options based on their specific situations. Learn More

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