Community Bulletin Board

February 2021



People in our NE Portland area can receive food assistance either by coming to St Charles pantry on Saturday mornings or requesting food deliveries to their homes.

St. Charles Catholic Church – 5310 NE 42nd, Portland

(503) 281-6461

  • Pantry Hours: Every Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00.
  • Home Delivery Requests: Call Brent at 503-577-4929


C3 Food Pantry is a free food box program for local community in the Cully neighborhood of Portland Oregon. Open to the public for distribution every Tuesday and Saturday from 12-1pm. It is a drive through and pick up system but walk ups are also welcome. No ID is required. Food boxes have a range of fresh and healthy food options including fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat and nonperishable items.

C3 Food Pantry is located at 6120 NE 57th Ave, Portland, OR 97218 (on the corner of NE 57th Ave and NE Portland Highway).

C3 Food Pantry is 100% volunteer led and run. To volunteer at C3 Food Pantry or if you have any questions, please phone/text Rachel Schweitzer (Pantry Director) at 971-600-2337 or Kaz Brooks (C3 Church Pastor) at 503-410-6104.


Eviction Moratorium

Renters cannot be evicted for non-payment of rent, evicted without cause or charged any late fees until June 30, 2021. Renters will have until July 1, 2021, to pay back the money they owe. 

Renters must sign and return a Declaration of Financial Hardship and Notice of Eviction Protection in order to be protected by the moratorium. Renters do not have to provide proof of their inability to pay.More information at:

Renters who need legal advice can find support from community resources such as the Community Alliance of Tenants or Legal Aid Services of Oregon. More information about the moratorium and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

There is a new vaccine to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

  • Vaccines help keep us and our loved ones healthy and safe.
  • COVID-19 vaccines passed many tests to make sure they are safe.
  • It will take some time before every Oregonian who wants to get the vaccine can get their two shots. Oregon Health Authority will follow a phased approach to ensure we provide the first vaccines to critical health care workers who work with COVID-19 patients.

Go to: (click on the “Let’s Get Started” button halfway down the page) or call 211 for more information or to sign up for an appointment.

There’s hope that vaccines will help end COVID-19, and it’s still very important that we all wear a mask whenever we leave our homes, stay at least six feet away from people we don’t live with, wash our hands often, find ways to stay close with the people we love without getting together in person, and stay home whenever we feel sick.

Mental Health Guidance and Resources

It’s been a difficult time for a lot of families. Many are dealing with a loss, financial instability, and poor health. With all these struggles taking front seat it’s important that we acknowledge our mental health and seek out professional help to support ourselves and others.

It’s okay to ask for help

Oregon-based nonprofit Lines for Life and OHA have launched the Safe + Strong Helpline at 800-923-4357 (800-923-HELP). The line offers free, 24-7 emotional support and resource referral to anyone who needs it – not only those experiencing a mental health crisis. Callers are routed to a counselor who can provide emotional support, mental health triage, drug and alcohol counseling, crisis counseling or just connection.

More information:

Stress management/ health

Stretching and practicing yoga can help your body rid of toxins and fight infections through increasing circulation of the lymph which acts as your body’s filtering and drainage system.

Take a minute to stand up and stretch out your arms and legs. Bend at the waist and let your arms and head hang freely (only if this feels right). Or just lye down and take slow deep breaths focusing on each inhale and exhale.

Adho Mukha Svasana or Downward facing dog

Bhujangasana or Cobra

Arhda Matsyendrasana or Seated Spinal Twist

(you can also do this by lying down and bringing one or both of your legs to your chest then letting them rest to one side of your body)

Stress-relieving hand massage video

Can help to relieve tension, headaches, and pain