Clara Padilla Andrews

In 1987, Clara Padilla Andrews and her husband, Frank Andrews, moved to Portland, Oregon. Frank was recruited by a software company that needed his legal and software skills.

Prior to moving to Portland, Ms. Padilla Andrews served as Secretary of State for New Mexico. She was instrumental in starting many nonprofit organizations, including Hacienda Community Development Corporation, Latino Network, and Las Amigas de Nuevo Mexico. Her visionary strategic collaboration with others has led to real progress on initiatives that benefit the Latino and other communities. She founded Hacienda CDC, which boasts on-site comprehensive social services. The Villa de Clara Vista apartment complex with more than 187 units has been named for Ms. Padilla Andrews’ tireless advocacy for housing equity. The Villa de Clara Vista Apartments and community partnership set a national standard for community comprehensive housing services. Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse recognized Ms. Padilla Andrews for her numerous community contributions on the floor of House of Representatives, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Issue, Vol. 143 No138.

Ms. Padilla Andrews has dedicated most of her life to achieving social justice and equity for the underserved communities in New Mexico and Oregon. She is committed to informing and educating the Latino community about important issues that affect their lives daily.

Ms. Padilla Andrews is a recipient of numerous awards including the first woman to receive the Congressional Hispanic Distinguished Service Award, Russell Award, Walk Your Talk Award and many more recognitions. She has served on many Boards and Commission including MANA, a National Latina Organization, National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP), National Press Club, and many more local boards.