Camino a Casa Rent Assistance Grant Raffle


The Rent or Mortgage Assistance Raffle will give fifteen people the opportunity to win one of 3 Rent or Mortgage Assistance grants. Of the fifteen people who win the raffle, the first 3 to fulfill the eligibility, requirements will receive the $500.00 grant.

The $500.00 grant will be applied to their rent/or mortgage payment. Hacienda CDC issue a check written directly to the winner’s landlord/ property management company or servicer.

*Eligible recipients:

To be eligible to receive a Rent Assistance grant, you must:

  • Attended the welcoming ceremony, keynote speaker presentation, and 2 workshops during the fair.
  • Be one of the winners drawn the day after the Latino Home Fair.
  • Completing a Hacienda CDC Homeownership Support Program registration form


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Rent an apartment or house in Multnomah, Washington, or Clackamas counties.
  • Send Hacienda CDC your landlord/property management company/servicing company’s information before August 15, 2020 for application of payment to September rent/mortgage payment. We’ll then ask them to fill out a W-9 for purposes of submitting the payment.


  • Must be used toward rent payment or mortgage payment
  • Are a gift, not a loan – no repayment guidelines apply
  • Are limited to one award per household
  • Are not transferable to persons outside of the winner’s household

After the winner’s name is drawn, they must email, fax or bring in their landlord/property management company/or servicing company’s name, phone number and address as well as proof of residency – we will accept an Oregon driver’s license or current utility bill reflecting the winner’s address.