Our Team

Activists and housing developers, financial coaches and entrepreneurs, educators, and advocates. We build homes, but also help others purchase and retain them, we empower our children and support their parents, promote sustainable lending and financial coaching, and connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the support they need to make their business a reality. All powered by the minds below. Learn more about the team here, and find opportunities with us here.


Ernesto Fonseca, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Ernesto Fonseca joined Hacienda as CEO in April 2017, bringing his passion for community development and a belief in the power of connecting families to opportunity. Ernesto’s own story reflects the potential that can be unleashed by investing in all our community members. Raised in a poor but loving family in central Mexico, Ernesto watched his parents take advantage of educational opportunities and their own initiative to build careers in construction and nursing. They passed on their values of hard work and education to their children, and Ernesto embraced those values to gain a foothold in this country by initially working in kitchens and restaurants as he pursued his educational goals, culminating with a Ph.D from Arizona State University in Environmental Design and Planning. During his time in Phoenix, he spearheaded initiatives to assess the health impacts of community development including gentrification, access to public transportation, and affordable housing, and helped to create the Stardust Center for Affordable Homes & the Family.

Ernesto believes it is Hacienda’s job to help all families access the critical ingredients they need to achieve their goals: a stable, affordable home, a healthy family life that allows youth to learn and grow, opportunities for economic success, and access to affordable health care and healthy neighborhoods. He believes in the power of social enterprise to bring increased investment into breaking the cycle of poverty. He joined Hacienda because he shares the same values and experiences with this community, and is eager to empower families to flourish like his own has. He hopes you will join us in building an Oregon where all Oregonians can reach their full potential.

Adriana Noesi

Executive Assistant

(503) 595-2111

Carol Fenning

Staff Accountant

(503) 961-6426

Courtney Trezise

Director of Philanthropy

(503) 961-6409

Karla Sanchez

Senior Accountant

(503) 961-6403

Loren Naldoza

Data & Communications Coordinator

(503) 961-6427

Martha Caballero

Human Resources / Office Manager

(503) 961-6416

Tyler Roppe

Network Engineer, Faster Connections

Barbara Alexander

Chief Financial Officer

(503) 961-6408


Mayra Paez

Housing Counselor

(503) 961-6436

Stephanie Zarceño

Program Specialist

(503) 961-6432

Kevin Sheehan

Training + Capacity Developer

(503) 961-6433

Marissa Burke

Program Specialist

(503) 961-6427

Yesenia Delgado

Financial Coach

(503) 961-6431

Rose Ojeda

Director of Housing Development

(503) 961-6415

Carlos Garcia

Director of Economic Opportunity

(503) 961-6405

Vanesa Mendoza

Housing Development Assistant

Chalise Fiol

Housing Counselor

(503) 961-6422

Griffin Wimminger


(503) 961-6406

Gena Scott

Director of Asset Management

(503) 961-6404

Leslie Langenfeld

Economic Opportunity Manager

(503) 961-6407

Youth + Family Services

Veronica Cabrera

Resident Services Coordinator

(503) 729-3480

Amelia Calderon

After School Program Coordinator

(503) 459-7477

Pilar Palos

Manager of Youth & Family Services

(503) 459-6959

Ana Mendoza

After School Program Coordinator

(503) 459-3650

Belen Hernandez

Early Childhood Educator

(503) 459-3568

Maria Escalera

After School Program Lead

(503) 459-2257

Claudia Muñoz

Early Childhood Educator

(503) 936-8872

Delia Muñoz

After School Program Coordinator

(503) 459-7504

Jaclyn Sarna

Director of Youth & Family Services

(503) 459-7608

Jorge Alvarado

Academic Support Coordinator

(503) 459-3894

Karla Granados

Early Childhood Educator

(503) 961 6435

Margarita Villalobos

Early Childhood Educator

(503) 347-4212

Santa Avila

After School Program Coordinator

(971) 330-2384

Community Economic Development

Aldo Medina

Business Advising Program Manager

(971) 280-3826

Ambar Solarte

Marketing + Events Coordinator

(971) 200-0581

Adriana Lopez

Engagement Coordinator

Chris Bailey

Microenterprise Developer

Hannah Edlefsen

Commissary Kitchen Program Manager

(503) 459-7725

Jose Gomez

Microenterprise Developer

Shea Flaherty Betin

Portland Mercado Director